March 1, 2019

If you follow me on social media, then you have definitely seen me post about my rabbit, Cooper. I got him in April of last year, and he has been such a little light in my life. He turned 1 the other day and I can’t believe that my little fluff is already that old! I remember bringing him home from the rabbitry like it was yesterday. He was teeny and scared and I was in need of some comfort and also scared. Sometimes we still scare each other but we have definitely bonded since then.

I get tons of questions about Cooper, and since his birthday was a few days ago I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to him and give you a little inside scoop on what he’s like and what life is like with a bunny. (Spoiler: it’s a lot of fun.) I put together a list of facts about him and about “bunny mom-ing” in general (and some adorable pics that I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to post) for your reading pleasure.

1. Cooper is an emotional support animal!

I got him last year when I was really struggling with my depression. It helped me so much to have something to be excited about and take care of. Having a living thing in my life that literally depends on me to survive gave me a sense of purpose, and I really needed that. Also, since he’s an ESA I get to have him on campus with me which is my favorite thing ever.

2. Coop’s favorite foods are carrots and strawberries. How stereotypical.

3. Bunnies flop over when they’re extremely comfy and it’s the cutest thing ever.

When my mom and I went to Georgia to go pick up Cooper, the lady set him on a table and he flopped over while we were all talking. That was the selling point for me.

4. Cooper is a mini lop, and his breed can get up to 5-7 pounds. I’m really pushing for 7. 

5. His grey, streaky coloring classifies him as a chinchilla lop.


I could show him if I wanted to, but I don’t know if he’d be down.

7. Coop doesn’t really like to be held.

Bunnies can be super snuggly if they were raised to be that way! Unfortunately, Cooper wasn’t handled too much when he was a little baby so he wasn’t used to being held when I got him. I’ve tried to get him used to it, and it’s worked a little, but it’s still not his favorite thing. Since rabbits are prey animals, I think Cooper might fear death or something when he gets picked up. We’re working on it.

8. Bunnies don’t make noises like cats and dogs, but they grind their teeth to let you know if they are content or annoyed. 

You can definitely tell a difference between the two. Coop loves when I rub his head and give him lots of kisses — he’ll sit there and make his little chirping sound while licking his lips when I do it. My heart melts.

9. Rabbits actually thump their feet it’s not a myth!!

Maybe everyone else knew that, but I didn’t. They only do it when they’re annoyed or feel threatened. I think I annoy Cooper a lot. It’s a surprisingly powerful sound.

10. I have around 2,000 pictures on my phone and 700 of them are of Cooper. Being a bunny mom is no joke.

11. Bunnies are smart!

It’s actually pretty annoying. Cooper knows how to irritate me enough to get me out of bed to feed him in the mornings, so he does all of those things around 6:30 every day. 

12. Coop goes outside on a leash.

I take him to the park sometimes when it’s nice out! He likes exploring and eating leaves. Getting him in the harness can be a challenge at times, but he’s more used to it now.

13. Cooper uses a litter box like a cat. 

It’s also where I put his hay. It helps with potty training!

14. He is a DIVA.

Sometimes when I try to take pictures of Coop, he’ll come over and push my phone out of my hand to get it out of his face. Celebrities…

15. Bunnies do a really cute thing called “binkying” when they’re excited.

Basically they run really fast and jump and twist their bodies in the air. Coop does it every once in awhile and it gives me affirmation that he is having a good life and doesn’t hate me.

16. Mom guilt and separation anxiety are real things when you have a rabbit.

Ask anyone I’m close to, I am constantly panicking at the thought of something happening to Cooper or the thought that I’m not giving him enough. I literally cannot imagine what I will be like when I have a real child. 

Alright, that’s all I got for now. Cooper is such a big part of my life that I want people to know about him just like they know about me! Basically, Coop is the best. Go follow him on his insta (@cooperthelop) if you don’t already!

Thanks for reading. I love sharing my life with you guys and hearing feedback. 🙂 



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