October 18, 2019

~*and not go bankrupt*~

My favorite season for fashion is UPON US, LADIES, and my shoe addiction is getting pretty serious. This can be a little bit of a sticky situation for me because, well.. cute, on-trend shoes can be ‘SPENSIVE. But, as I do, I have been eyeing so many different pairs of booties because they’re cute and fun and look amazing with so many different fall outfits. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, it’s a little impossible to invest in multiple pairs of nice booties if you, A: don’t make enough money for that, B: have other things to pay/save for and C: can’t really justify spending hundreds of dollars on one pair of shoes that you are likely to scuff up or get dirty anyway (or fall off a bird scooter on a first date while wearing and ruin entirely… but I digress).

If you’re also on the hunt for some cute booties to wear through fall and winter this year, I GOT YOU. I’ve been looking around for booties that are quality enough to last me longer than just a couple wears, but are also still in the ‘ole budget. Here are some of the places whose selections and pricing I’ve been pretty impressed by!

Forever 21

Okay, so the majority of the booties I have in my closet right now are actually from here! There have been times when I’ve been a little too shallow and felt like my choices were “cheap” just because they were actually reasonably priced, but here’s the thing. Every pair of booties I’ve purchased from Forever 21 have lasted me a while and have been mistaken for more expensive brands by people who don’t know any different. And I’ve never paid more than $50 for a pair. So honestly? Who cares. Here are some styles I’ve seen online lately that I’m loving.

Pretty Little Thing

To be clear, I’ve never actually purchased a pair of shoes from here. However, I buy clothes from this brand pretty often and I’ve always been impressed, so I’m sure the quality of their shoes is great, too. The normal prices of their booties are around the $55-$80 range, but PLT is cool and typically has some kind of sale going on, so you never really have to pay full price for anything, which we LOVE. They’ve had a 50% off sale going on for the last couple weeks, so a pair of booties would be WAY CHEAP right now. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but they have sales all the time, so definitely keep an eye on that. Look at these cuties!!


This one might be my favorite. I just ordered a pair of boots (long ones, not ankle ones) from here, and I’m in love with them. They are perfectly true to size and the quality is great. Looking at their booties online, the pricing is really reasonable with the exception of some more expensive, brand-name options. I personally like that Lulus has a variety of both! Here are some of my favorites.

Hopefully this little roundup was helpful for you if you’ve been looking for some new shoes for fall! Maybe I’m the only one. But I found it helpful, so. I’m about to continue building my collection of booties now, thanks. Links to the websites are in each heading to make it a little easier for you if you’re tryna shop. 

I seriously just love everything about fall, especially the fashion, so I’m sure I’ll be posting some more content like this over the next few months because I’m having FUN over here. Stay tuned!!

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