May 6, 2019

School’s out, I’m finally chillin at home, and I’m happy to have some time to write again! I just got back from Napa the other day, and it was seriously so much fun. One of my best friends turned 21 so I went with her and a few other ladies to celebrate her birthday, and it was the perfect place to be. We did wine tastings and saw pretty sights and ate REAL GOOD FOOD. Needless to say, this girl who literally never goes anywhere was taking it alllll in. We only had 2 full days in Napa, so we packed a lot in (luckily I got to see some of San Francisco the first day we were there, and it was amazing!) I figured I would dump a ton of my pictures here and give you guys a rundown to show some of the highlights from this trip!

Day 1:

Consisted of a cute bakery, a wine tasting, lots of sight-seeing and picture-taking, and really good Italian food at dinner. Here are some of the pictures!

We came to this adorable bakery before our first wine tasting, and the macarons were so good. 10/10!!
We did our first wine tasting at Castello di Amorosa and it was so fun! We walked around the castle after — the view from there was amazing.
I have about 12784393 versions of this picture in my camera roll currently. We went hard.

Day 2:

This day was similar to the day before — more good food, more wine, more pictures. 

The birthday girl! We went to a cute place for breakfast that had the best donuts ever.
We did a wine tour at Del Dotto Estate and it was so cool! We walked through a cave and tried a lot of red wine that I forced myself to like because I’m not a red wine drinker. :’)
Inside Del Dotto — so pretty.
We RACED to get golden hour lighting before dinner and kinda missed it but it all worked out. (Yes I changed my clothes three times this day.)
I love Sydney so much! Look how beautiful she is! We had so much fun on this trip together!

This trip was exactly what my soul needed right after a busy semester and an overall crazy year. I’m so thankful to be where I am right now — such good friends and opportunities to experience new things with them. The Lord has blessed me for sure. This was a great kickoff to my last summer before being a ~real~ adult!

I talked about this a little bit on one of my recent Instagram posts, but going on this trip made me do a lot of reflecting — between the plane rides and seeing/doing so many things I’ve never experienced before. I felt so much more aware of all of the things that are going on outside of just where I am, and it was a really tangible example for me that there is more to life than what I am dealing with in this moment. I don’t know if anyone else needs that encouragement, too. I think sometimes we view our situations in life with such a limited perspective that they can start to seem way too big to get through. Being away from home for a couple days and experiencing more of the world around me made me realize that I am not tied to where I am, literally and metaphorically. There is always going to be time to change and grow. Hard seasons won’t last. You will experience new things.

I hope my life is filled with so many opportunities to see the world, and I hope yours is, too! Where should I go next?!!

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