January 6, 2020

Hello everyone! Happy 2020!!! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. I’m a little late on this New Year’s post, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER I GUESS.

I’ve not been blogging as much lately, as you can probably tell. I think the end of 2019 had me in a bit of a rut. I’ve talked about this here before, but sometimes I go through phases of having this little space where I think it doesn’t matter and no one would notice or care if I just gave it up. That’s when I have to rewind, pull myself out of my “woe is me” mindset, and remember my why for doing all of this. It’s not about making people care about the things I have to say. It’s about sharing my heart, writing about things I care about and reaching the people that DO care. So here I am — just renewed this site for another year, and I’m ready to WRITE.

I’m one of the many people who enjoys making New Year’s resolutions every year. I understand why some people are against the whole idea, but to me, I’m always excited about the thought of a new start and the concept is just FUN okay. I know you can start over whenever and you don’t have to wait for a new year to begin working towards goals and blah blah, but the new year always makes me feel a little more hopeful and motivated to do those things. So, I’m a resolutioner. Sorry.

This year, though, I did something a little different. Rather than making resolutions for myself, I decided to write down some intentions. I’m not exactly sure what the textbook definition difference is here, but I consider the two to be different things. I wrote down things that I want to work toward this year–and I intend to–but without putting too much pressure or expectation into those goals. I think the reason I have never been too great at keeping up with my resolutions past the month of January (like a lot of us) is because I set too many unrealistic expectations of how I will keep my resolutions. So then, I miss a day or two of whatever I’m trying to work toward and think “well, I already blew it so whatever.” The goals start to seem too hard. I make too many excuses. It’s usually that last one.

To me, setting intentions for myself rather than resolutions means showing myself more grace as I work toward my goals. Not every day will be perfect, and I can acknowledge that and keep going. I can also acknowledge that the things I want to achieve will not come easy. I think a lot of us give up on our goals because we aren’t seeing results as quickly as we want to — whether the goals have to do with our fitness/health, jobs, finances, relationships, whatever the case may be. This year I feel more motivated than ever to work hard, even when it’s really hard, because I know that’s how results come. Some of my intentions include really prioritizing my health, getting into better routines, working hard to get a job I enjoy, and moving. In the past I may not have written those things down for fear that I wouldn’t actually accomplish them. But the thing is, I CAN accomplish those things because I have the ability to work for them. The idea of setting these intentions is about taking power and control where you can — and you actually have more power and control than you think.

Honestly… the time is going to pass either way. Rather than throwing in the towel on the things you really want to accomplish, you might as well keep working towards those things, right? Even if some days you don’t do anything. Even if it kinda sucks a lot of days. Even if it feels like nothing is happening. The way I see it, there is really no way you couldn’t see SOME positive changes by working towards goals.

I’m making this post to publicly set my intentions for this year. What are your intentions? And what steps do you plan on taking to move in the direction of those goals?

Thanks for reading, and see ya soon,



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