May 5, 2020

*Note: you’re gonna want to read to the end of this to get some info on a discount and a giveaway!!*

Hello friends! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. I know it can be hard to stay away from bad news and negativity these days as we’re all navigating our way through this global pandemic, so I thought now would be a good time to talk about something completely unrelated — as a way to get my mind off of everything and tell you guys about something I have been loving lately, especially during this time in quarantine. As I mentioned back in January, I set a few goals for myself going into the new year/decade. One of the intentions I made for this year is to work towards a healthier, more confident me in all aspects. I’ve been trying to go beyond the typical “work out and eat healthier” goals (although I did include those!) — I’ve really been working to prioritize my skincare, hygiene and overall wellbeing, too. Of course, the current condition of our world has thrown a bit of a wrench in my plans and makes me feel a little less optimistic about my goals some days, but I have been doing my best to keep working towards them. Going along with that, I have a little product review for you guys that I’m excited to share, because it has really been helping me work towards my intention!

If you know me at all you probably are aware that I love coffee, wine, chocolate… basically all the things that are really good at staining my teeth. Giving up those things is never going to be part of the plan for me, so I figured I needed to prioritize taking care of my teeth in a different way. Smile Brilliant has really been helping me out!

Smile Brilliant is a service that provides professional teeth whitening that you can do at home. They wanted to send me their whitening kit to try out, so I’m going to let you guys know what I thought of it.

Growing up, I was really embarrassed of my smile because I didn’t like the gap in my teeth or the fact that I could never get them to look as white as I wanted. In recent years I have worked to be more confident and appreciate all of my unique features for what they are, but I have still always loved the idea of having a whiter smile that I felt confident about and happy to show off.

The Process

Smile Brilliant’s kit had everything I needed to get started, which made the whole process pretty seamless. I made my impressions for my whitening trays at home, sent them to the lab and received my personal whitening trays all within a few days. The kit came with syringes of whitening gel, desensitizing gel and instructions on how to properly use both. So easy.

Personally, I liked to whiten my teeth at night. You’re not supposed to eat for an hour after whitening, so it was easier for me to do it right before bed. I’d eat dinner (and dessert, obviously), brush my teeth with water, pop the trays in my mouth and then watch Disney+ or scroll through TikTok for a couple hours while whitening. I definitely slacked on whitening some nights because of trips and other things that came up, but the results with Smile Brilliant were obvious to me after only a couple uses! Consistency is key with this stuff, and if you do it the right way, the whitening lasts for a long time. Even without doing it every single night, my smile is definitely whiter overall, which I’m excited about!

Results & Review

I really don’t have many complaints about Smile Brilliant. I am a little impatient, so sometimes whitening felt like a bit of a hassle to me because of the length of time you’re supposed to whiten (45 minutes – 3 hours), but I would say that it’s worth it. The cheap whitening strips you can get at the store literally don’t hold a candle to this, so you gotta do what you gotta do. The results are worth it!

Speaking of results, here are mine! Again, I have never been super confident when it comes to my smile. Close up pictures in general always feel way too vulnerable for me, so taking these before and after pictures to share felt like a pretty good exercise in authenticity and combatting the voices of my insecurities.


Both of those photos are unedited so you can see the real difference. Not gonna lie I’m kinda shook. I actually kinda love showing my smile in pictures these days? Not kidding you guys — this stuff WORKS! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has been wanting to whiten their teeth WELL. Sure, there are cheaper, quicker options out there — but to me, it’s worth it to invest a little in yourself when it comes to things you will have your entire life (i.e., your teeth!). Plus, I felt confident that I wasn’t doing any kind of damage to my teeth using this kit.

Good news: Smile Brilliant is offering a free whitening kit to one of you!

To enter, just head on over to this link: and follow me on Instagram to stay updated on the giveaway (@monica.nicole)!

Plus, you can use code monicanicoled15 to get 15% off storewide on Smile Brilliant’s website!

Confidence is so important (and a really great look!), and Smile Brilliant really helped me out with mine! I’m so happy with the way my smile is looking these days. If you are wanting to use this time at home to work on brightening your smile, I can’t recommend this product enough. If you end up trying Smile Brilliant for yourself, let me know what you think! Happy whitening. 🙂


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